K'Kriq Ik'atho

a thri-kreen whose name means "shaman experience seeker"


History: From the time he left his shell, K’Kriq wandered. There was always something more to see, more to do, something new to experience. He muttered to himself often on this curiosity or that. His bond to the clutch was always tenuous. He kept to himself more than the average kreen.

It wasn’t until adulthood and his clutches’ final molting did he grasp where it came from. Days ran into nights as the pain filled cycle of shedding, resting, hunting, and feasting. The rings of chitin around the abdomen are the most sensitive and unfortunately the last to lose. To help ease the burden, tribal elders prepare a special calumet (pipe) filled with a potent herb to dull the senses. As he inhaled the fragrant smoke, the world got strangely quiet. It was just he, his clutch mates and the elders. The pain of the molt was a dull throbbing ache, but the world faded away. The simplicity of being around your clutch; the comfort of the pack camped around a fire pit enjoying a kill. The cactus nearby no longer spoke of the avian rotting just feet away. The wind no longer spoke in rapid whispers of the coming sand storm. Under the full moons and temped night, a smile spread across his face. The world was quiet for the first time in his short 4 years of life.

From then on K’Kriq’s place in the pack was set. He was to join the shaman caste. Over the next two years elders trained him to properly speak to and master the elemental spirits. Most importantly they taught him the mental tricks to quieten their distracting voices; a skill he struggles with to this day. He set out after his training across the Tablelands to visit with the other thri-kreen tribes and see what the world might offer.

Personality quirks: Easily distracted by new sights and sounds. Childlike wonder of the world, but pragmatic and matter-of-fact on matters of life/death. The well-being of the pack is of paramount importance. Spirits talk to him often so he easily gets lost in thought and discussion with them.

K'Kriq Ik'atho

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