Halfling Druid


Main skills: Perception and Nature

Secondary skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Thievery

 Spends most time in beast form with mellee powers fulfilling the striker role

In human form has AOE powers and takes on the controller role 


As the sun set and filled the horizon above the canopy a tribe of halflings began their coming of age ceremony. The elders formed a circle around a fire while those still too young to take part in the ritual began rhythmically beating on drums. The chief, holding his arm up high, slowly used a knife to let some of his blood into a stone bowl. One of the tribe druids came forward and took the bowl and dropped in a handful of berries and leaves. The mixture was ground, and the bowl was held out. A young halfling wearing an ornamental headdress reached forward and took the bowl.

Kadir quickly downed the entire contents of the bowl, and howled into the sun as its brightness melted and spread across the forest. The forest normally quiet and calm suddenly teemed with the life and actions of ancient spirits. For 3 days and 3 nights Kadir traveled across the forest with these spirits.

Finally, Kadir came upon a giant spider with the head of a slender woman. "My dear Kadir", the spider said. "I must tell you of the purpose of your existence in this world", it continued. Kadir bowed down to the spirit as a fog surrounded them.

The next day Kadir headed into the desert with only a waterskin and a totem. 


Three years later and Kadir is still in the desert. Living out of a giant insectoid carapace, Kadir lives the life of a hermit occasionally coming into contact with others travelling through the desert. However, to most travelers Kadir is just that mirage of a beast on the horizon one sees when the water supply gets too low.


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