Half-Elf Bard (Cunning Build)


Good at wheeling, dealing, and healing. <—-Bard Rhyme!

Effective ranged and mellee powers.

Very skilled. After a feat I gained +4 to all untrained skills.

Carries a longsword that helps me sing, and a fife just because.

“Your father was an elven thief, and your mother is a whore!”

The shouting stirs up a cacophony around the dining hall as dinner guests remove their faces from the still warm meal. Some yawn while others blush. Most of the guests are bewildered.
“Oh dear, I fear I had too much to drink and nodded off there for a moment,” a man says.
“It wasn’t the swill you fool! It was that that damn harlequin and his troupe,” a large man across the table shouts back with spittle firing off his lips.
A woman screams, “my brooch! It’s missing!”
“They also appear to have taken your winnings from the card game you won,” the frail man tells the larger man.
“I guess that is the only way that fools luck could turn North. Did you see how poorly he gambles,” the host laughingly asks.
A small chuckle flows around the room as everyone recomposes themselves.


A few miles away Arand smiles and plays his fife.
“This keeps getting easier and easier,” his traveling companion says. “Look at the size of this stone!”
The melody shifts into a series of high pitched staccato notes as their cart barrels over some large stones.
“We won’t have to work again for months,” the companion says. “I’ll be able to feed my family and maybe even move out of that shack.”
The fife notes slur into an ambient bliss.
“There was even that free meal.”
Notes like birds cooing.
“You know what they say about eating too much though. It sure make you tired,” the companion yawns. “But that was hard work.”
The rhythm melts into cascade of tones on the wind.
“Maybe we should stop here for a while, aye? They couldn’t have been roused already.”
One long tone fading into oblivion.
“Yes, just stop here…. for a while….”


After pocketing the valuables Arand goes back to his fife.
“Now, let’s see. The luck tune surly started like this…”, Arand says while drawing his fife to his lips.


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